Facade Grants

Supporting, Revitalizing and Growing Businesses

The BID Grant Program offers small matching grants to downtown business/property owners with the goal to retain and recruit businesses to stay or choose downtown Janesville for their business.
For more information, or if you have any questions about these grants, please email [email protected].

2024 Facade Grant Program Details

Objective: The objective of the Facade Grant Program is a matching grant program designed to provide assistance with projects that will make the biggest impact (transformational change) on the streetscape of existing commercial properties within the Business Improvement District. The program’s intention is to encourage business growth and to make a positive statement about the Janesville business climate to the community, visitors, existing and potential business tenants. Funds available change from year to year. The deadline for the 2024 Facade Grant has been extended from March 31 to April 30. In 2025, the grant application will be released fall of the year prior with the deadline of December 31 of the prior year. In 2024 and 2025, BID will award $25,000 in matching grants.

Eligible expenses: Include but are not limited to professional design services, front and rear improvements, exterior lighting, cameras, window and door replacement, masonry work and painting.

Grant terms:

  • Grants made under this program shall be a minimum $500 and shall not exceed $7,000 per building. 
  • The applicant is expected to provide at least a 50% match or his or her own capital to the total project cost. 
  • Grants will only be given for projects that have a minimum investment of $1,000 per building. 
  • Grant monies will only be distributed after a project is completed and certified. 
  • The Committee reserves the right to offer matching grants anywhere in the range of $500 and $7,000 based on need and/or overall physical impact on the build environment.
  • Awarded BID funds will be paid upon completion of the project as submitted and based upon review by at least two BID board members.

Sponsors: The matching grant program is majority funded by an allocation of funds from the Business Improvement District (BID). BID is funded through an assessment system that levies a special assessment against property owners within the Business Improvement District.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • All taxable commercial and mixed-use properties located within the Business Improvement District are eligible for this program, with the exception of publicly owned buildings. 
  • All properties must be in conforming use under the City’s zoning ordinance except a commercial use that is non-conforming due to lot, bulk, or yard requirements and/or for which a variance has been granted. 
  • For the purpose of these programs, no income producing residential properties will be considered as commercial properties. 
  • Properties will not be eligible if any special improvement district and/or property assessments are not paid current to date. 
  • Grants will only be given for buildings with outstanding building code violations if the grant is primarily intended to reverse those code violations as a first priority. 
  • Only one application per year per property owner and or tenant per building or address will be allowed. 
  • Grant application must be received before work begins. 
  • The same grant can only be awarded to the same recipient every 3 years. This is meant to encourage a larger number of businesses receiving grants.

Applicants: Owners, leasers, or a joint venture of these two parties may submit an application under this grant program. Tenants must submit written approval of the property owner and evidence of their leasehold interest.

Grant recipients:

  • Work completion deadline for the specific project for redemption of payment is December 31st of the calendar year grant awarded.
  • BID Grant Recipient Poster should be placed in storefront for while the project is in progress and up to 3 months post project completion.
  • Copy in social media posts regarding the updates should mention BID Facade Grant Recipient
  • If an extension is needed, recipients should notify the BID Board President by the end of award year prior to December 31st of award year.
  • If the project will not be completed the grant will be extended to February 27th of the preceding year, as long as notification is received.
  • If the project will not be completed by  February 27th  of the preceding year,  the recipient will be asked to update original paperwork for the current calendar year.

Application Submittal: To be formally considered for a grant, complete an online application (see below), or download a PDF version or a Word version, complete in full, and submit to the BID via email.

Application Review: BID Director or equivalent shall review submittals to determine that all information is complete and accurate. The BID will then review all applications to assure compliance with the Design Guidelines. Applicants are notified of grants awarded. Once approved (with or without modifications), the project must be adhered to the plan submitted. Should an applicant deviate substantially from the approved plan, the BID will not release the grant money.

Grant Payment: If all the following conditions are met, the BID will provide the applicant with a certificate of completion indicating that the applicant has acted in good faith and has completed the project satisfactorily and BID will release a check made out to the applicant to the amount agreed upon in the contract. Certificates of completion will be released when:

  • Applicant supplies documentation that any permits required under the City’s Building and Zoning Codes have been taken out.
  • All work is completed within the time period agreed upon or amended between the applicant and BID.
  • All work completed follows the agreed upon design.
  • Documentation of Applicants matching investment must be supplied.

2024 Facade Grant Application

To be formally considered for a grant, complete and submit an online application or download a PDF version or a Word version, complete in full, and submit to BID via email.

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